6 in 1 Multifunctional Mini Folding Key Knife


Small screwdriver
The word small round screwdriver
Topped screwdriver
Small flat-topped screwdriver
The knife
Cutting saw blade assembly rope

KEYTOOLS razor-sharp blade is to cut all the design work, so we can not be sold to minors use. Should be used with caution confirm blade is outwardly, not be used as other uses, such as trying to use it on other large screwdriver screws will cause breakage.

Beveled knife edge KEYTOOLS is designed to protect the user, so do not sharpen the blade, just a little flat side of the blade can be sharpened to maintain optimum cutting edge of the tool!
** When not using KEYTOOLS to collections, we recommend that the surface coating of lubricating oil in the blade.

Not a professional tool, is limited to temporary use; when you use, do not be too hard to rotate any tool, otherwise it will cause damage to the tool.

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